October Musings

While walking the beach with a friend recently I was rambling on about when I was making rice and couldn’t find the matching lid to the pot. I searched half heartedly for it before landing on one that was almost a fit and would probably do the trick. However, it made me think of the old adage – every pot has a lid; and when I told this to my friend she said “I feel a Truista Musing coming on!” LOL, she was right!

The ill fitting lid was bothering me. I wanted the correct lid for the simmering rice/water combo. If every pot has a lid that fits then surely this one does too. I dug deeper into the lid cabinet and voila, I found it! That got me thinking; you usually hear that every pot has a lid in regard to romantic partners. But I take it to mean that there are “lids” for all aspects of our lives; jobs, friendships and even clothing! Why settle for a job that will do, but doesn’t excite? Why settle for a relationship that’s almost a fit? We may think; it works ok, but it’s not quite how you’d like it. Why settle for the almost perfect sweater or jeans because the price is good or the fit is almost right?

When you get clear on what you really want, believe in having it and add a dose of perseverance I believe that “lid” shows up. In my case it was the literal lid to a pot! Going forward I’ll be sure to carry that thinking over to all areas of my life.

I hope you enjoyed this very short & sweet musing. Thank you for joining me! Blessings and love to you! – Ailsa

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Cathy Kruse
October 31, 2020 Reply

Love it. Perseverance! Don’t stop till you find the lid! ?

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