May 2022 Musing

It is day five of Covid for me. Unable to leave my bed or sleep, I’ve been down the rabbit holes
of Discovery +, HBO Max, and Hulu. I learned you can renovate an entire house in 5 days, that
the Kardashians are still an enigma to me and that the first season of Love Life starring Anna
Kendrick is essentially parallel to the book Women Who Love Too Much. The series takes you
on the journey of a young woman as she navigates relationships and grows from each one. I
was looking for a mindless rom-com that my hurting brain could handle but Love Life proved to
be a bit more than that. The writers dive into insecure vs secure attachment style and other
psychological phenomena that end up influencing our romantic relationships. It’s easy to see
ourselves and the patterns that are so common as the main character jumps into one
relationship after another. Fortunately, she starts to grow, change, and eventually makes the
relationship with herself the most important one. She no longer acquiesces to the boyfriends’
needs while forsaking her own. She accepts herself, her past and truly learns to love herself.
What a triumph!

Watching this series made me realize that we are all on this journey of self-discovery. While I’ve
always been a direct-flight-destination person over an enjoy-the-journey type; I’m coming to
accept that maybe there are some steps that just can’t be avoided. Maybe some of the crap that
happens in life is necessary for the growth and shifts to even occur. My stubborn side still likes
to think that it shouldn’t have to be like that. My son likes to remind me that you need the dark to
have light. I’ve always just liked the light, no dark, please! However, if I can frame the “darker”
times in my life as a catalyst for necessary growth and change maybe I can see it all as positive.
I’ll try to apply this to my current Covid situation and let you know how it turns out. This is one
challenge I would have gladly missed! So, to you dear friends, wishes of good health and happy

Sending love always, Ailsa

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