July Musings

I used to play The Game of Life all the time when I was a young girl and I loved it. I loved the twists and turns, the unknowns, and building a family by putting the little pegs in the car. And I liked to win! So when I came across the book The Game of Life and How to Play It, it had my full attention immediately! It’s a fantastic book full of useful wisdom and offers great strategies in procuring what you want out of this life on planet earth. I used to say a life handbook would help a lot; and then I came across Florence Scovel Shinn’s work and thought, there is a handbook after all! It’s simple to understand, quite straight forward actually, right up my alley.

Ms. Shinn writes, “…Health, Wealth, Love and perfect self-Expression. This is the square of life, The Game completed.” If you think about it, anything you’d like to experience falls within one of these categories. As I pondered what I wanted from each category, I drew up a vision board of sorts. I bought a big poster board. I divided it into four sections and labeled each one: Health, Wealth, Love and perfect self Expression. Under each title I listed what I would like to experience in my life within the next year (or sooner). I made that poster in July of 2019. When I unfurled the poster board just recently, it was remarkable! Nearly everything I had wanted came to fruition. I was able to achieve 3 out of the 4 squares in my life completely. And a good bit of the 4th one is starting to ground. I can see that it’s coming in!

How did this happen? I’d say my mindset played a big role in these seemingly magical manifestations. I worked to keep a positive outlook, as well as take steps towards my goals as they presented themselves. I had to believe in order to receive! There were a few hard decisions in which I endured some backlash, but for the most part it all just sort of happened; fell into place one way or another. It seems that an intention when written down, accepted as done while maintaining the belief that it is done is an elixir. In simple terms: Ask, Believe, Receive.

I don’t know about you but if someone hands me tried and true wisdom, I’m all over it!

I’m getting ready to start another board for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to Health, Wealth, Love and perfect self Expression. May every single heartfelt desire of yours come true! And may we all win at The Game of Life!

with love,


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