February 2022 Musings

This past Fall I spent a wonderful weekend at The Art of Living in Boone, NC. The weekend program I signed up for hosted the Ruiz brothers, Jose and Don Miguel, Jr. who spoke beautifully and intelligently on the tenets of their father’s book The Four Agreements. The book, which we’ve recommended in the past is a guide to the philosophy of the Toltec tradition. As you can imagine much valuable wisdom was shared that weekend. Two thoughts really stood out to me though and they were:

  1. If you doubt yourself than you can be controlled.
  2. It’s a lack of respect if someone forces you to doubt yourself.

Wow, that resonates! It hits home the importance of knowing yourself and loving yourself so much that no matter what anyone says you are committed to doing what is right for you. If that leads to being ostracized, criticized, or bullied, then so be it. You must stand tall and fight for your truth, your freedom.

Truth can be a tricky word; what does it mean? I’m guessing your definition is different than mine. I’ve heard it explained as truth equals common sense. I love that! Common sense seems to imply that the majority accepts something as true. If I touch a hot burner, I will get burned. If I leave ice cubes on the counter, they will melt. However, there are some common-sense ideas that are not across the board acknowledged as true. In those instances, you must claim your truth and let others claim theirs. That fosters freedom, and freedom for all is common sense! It’s nothing new to say that we must be free to express ideas, opinions and to make empowering choices in our own lives. We should be applauded, supported, and encouraged to have differing ideas and opinions, even if at times they are not considered common sense by others. If we don’t, we may succumb to the many dangers that arise from suppressing our views. Many do acquiesce due to fears, like feeling unsafe or left out; but that behavior eventually leads to exactly what we don’t want separation! While it may be a short-term fix, phew my neighbor likes me because I agree with her; ultimately leads to a larger scale separation. Because my neighbor doesn’t like my other neighbor since she believes something different, I better not engage with the “offensive” neighbor either. Separation is to go against ourselves and God. It achieves the exact opposite of what our souls really want, oneness, love, acceptance. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to be told one’s true beliefs and desires are wrong.

When we doubt ourselves, our intelligence, inner knowing (God) we separate ourselves from not only each other but the Divine. That in turn puts others before God. Rule #1: You shall have no other gods before me. In addition, we often think it’s a zero-sum game when in fact it’s not. Win-win situations do occur! Don’t believe those who tell you otherwise. Differing opinions can coexist and foster compromise and even growth.

You are a free agent on this planet. You must listen to your inner guidance above all else. If it leads to being ostracized that’s ok! That means you’ve routed out one or more beings who do not respect or value you. And at least you know that you did what was right for you! Nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to tell you what to do with your life, how to live it, how to care for yourself, where to live, what to study, and especially what to believe! You do you!

In love and freedom,


“The greatest glory of a freeborn people is to transmit that freedom to their children.” – William Harvard

“The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way, but the folly of fools is deceiving.” -Proverbs 17:28

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