April Musings

There are no words to adequately sum up what the hell is going on these days! I float between extreme gratitude and major frustration. I assure myself that it’s “normal” to feel this way but I don’t really know. I do know that I have no choice but to surrender and that takes the shape of flexibility and understanding and sometimes just throwing my hands up! Oh, and cleaning the kitchen, always cleaning the kitchen these days.

While we don’t know how the future will unfold, here at The Truista our intention is to continue to provide authentic, inspiring stories and other tools to help lift you up, connect you in and live your dreams.

Stay tuned! Look for us in your Inbox, on Instagram and Twitter. And most importantly, blessings of good health to you and your loved ones. Love you! 

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Cathy D Kruse
April 24, 2020 Reply

Lovely, thanks! And I too am in major surrender mode (and cleaning the kitchen often). ?

    May 22, 2020 Reply

    I figured out how to respond! Yay! Still cleaning the kitchen... LOL!

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