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Ailsa Foulke

Freedom and love are my two favorite words. I am inspired by any story that illustrates these principles, as well as provides a healthy dose of empowerment. Sharing strong stories can transform lives and help others along their paths. I relentlessly pursue wisdom that in turn can be used practically and simply and I learn much of it from other’s experiences.

I like to keep things light yet valuable. Humor is my go to! Independence for all is my cry!

Emily Lynn

I’m a believer in trusting your gut, following your instincts and listening to that still small part of your heart that pitter-patters when you are living out your true gifting. I’m on a mission to live by what is true and share in this joyful journey with others.

I love hearing people’s life stories: where have they been, how did they get here and what did they learn along the way? Give me a karaoke microphone or a dance floor and I’ll give you a show! My personal mantra is: dream big, love bigger and believe biggest.

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